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Recognized as one of the most dynamic and influential keynote speakers of her generation, Barbara Yebuga is a force to be reckoned with on the stage.

With an innate ability to inspire, challenge, and entertain, Barbara captivates her audiences by delivering actionable techniques that empower individuals and teams to reach new heights in their potential.

Authenticity is at the heart of her speeches, combined with a dash of humor and a deep engagement that resonates with everyone in the room. It's not just about words with Barbara—she listens, she interacts, and she fosters connections that leave a lasting impact.

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The Future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Reflecting on recent years' surge in DEI conversations, Barbara examines the current landscape and future predictions in this transformative keynote. This workshop is ideal for organizations committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

The Illusion
of Identity

Barbara explores our societal obsession with identity, dissecting complex issues like race and gender with sensitivity and humor. With a focus on promoting diversity of thought and a culture of inclusion, this talk challenges audiences to broaden their understanding and acceptance of the varying human experience.

Mental Health Hygiene in Organizations

We used to aim for work-life balance — but now the focus is work-life integration. Barbara addresses the illusion and stigma often created around mental health, through humourous and effective stories of how employees are reclaiming their mental health  & organizations are responding.

From the moment Barbara took to the
stage, I could feel the electric energy of something truly extraordinary. As an experienced keynote speaker myself, I've come to recognize the rare gift that Barbara possesses – a unique ability to captivate audiences and ignite meaningful conversations.


– Dr. Ivan Joseph, Keynote Speaker + VP, Laurier University

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