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Seeking a Catalyst for Profound Change in Your Team?

Barbara Yebuga Presents Transformative Workshops: Available Live or Virtually

Tailored to the distinctive requirements of your group, Barbara meticulously crafts each session to ignite enlightenment, foster unity, and propel your team to unprecedented heights of achievement.


Barbara’s workshops are more than just a learning experience; they are a vibrant journey of interactive engagement and profound transformation. Participants don't just attend; they immerse themselves in a dynamic environment that resonates with energy, empathy, and enlightenment.

With Barbara's insightful guidance, your team will navigate through essential themes of human experience and organizational well-being: Leading with a DEI Mindset, Foundational DEI Learning, and Mental Health Hygiene in Organizations. These are not just workshops; they are life-changing dialogues that initiate a ripple effect of positive transformation within each attendee.

The journey doesn't end with the workshop. Participants will carry with them practical tools and insights, ensuring the lessons learned and the breakthroughs achieved are integrated into their personal and professional lives for sustainable growth and success.

Dive into an unforgettable experience and emerge a champion of change. With Barbara Yebuga's transformative workshops, the metamorphosis begins.

Workshop Themes:

Leading with a DEI Mindset

Target Audience:

  • Leaders, people managers


  • Strengthen Leadership's DEI Capabilities

  • Empower leaders with DEI-related tools and resources.

Points of Discussion: 

  • Psychological Safety

  • Language & Mindset

  • Creating a Safe Space for Feedback

  • Cultural Competency: How to Navigate Cultural Nuances within Your Team

  • Beyond Balance: Leading through Work-life Integration

Foundational DEI Learning

Target Audience:

  • All Employees/Staff, New hires


  • Supporting the culture of the organization, bringing employees along the organization's DEI journey

  • Establish DEI Awareness and Foundation

  • Equip all employees/staff/students with a foundational understanding of DEI principles

  • Highlight the importance of DEI in fostering a positive, respectful, and inclusive environment

Points of Discussion: 

  • The illusion of identity

  • Microaggressions

  • Bias in recruitment: Use DEI principles to challenge biases

  • Truth & Reconciliation

  • Personal Growth & Empowerment: Encourage self-reflection

Mental Health Hygiene in Organizations

Target Audience:

  • All Employees/Staff


  • How to have healthy mental health practices

  • How to show up with empathy 

  • Collaborate with your team in creating and communicating boundaries

  • How to show up for a grieving colleague

  • How to ask for support.


"That was amazing... What an AWESOME job you did facilitating... One of the best webinars I've experienced as an employee, anywhere, ever. Thank you again."

“What an inspirational session.

You did amazing —

Truly, well done!!"

“Great job Barbara for hosting today’s Truth and Reconciliation hour. Your empathy, passion and amazing listening skills are what we need... Big thank you!"

"You were a 10/10 Barb, I knew you were good at that... but wow!"

"Bravo!  Thank you for what you do and what you bring...  I am so grateful for the education and I can hardly wait to see what you do next!  Brilliant."

Why work with Barbara?

1. Overdelivers on expectations — every time.
2. Shares content that is actionable and leads to transformation.
3. Speaks with credibility based on research, learnings and experiences.
4. Tailors to the aspirations, challenges and goals of your teams.
5. Creates a first-rate experience before, during, and after your event.

Robb Walters

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